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Smart Agriculture

What is Smart Agriculture?

Smart Agriculture represents the application of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into  agriculture, leading to what can be called a Third Green Revolution.

Following the plant breeding and genetics revolutions, this Third Green Revolution is taking over the agricultural world based upon the combined application of ICT solutions such as precision equipment, the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors and actuators, geo-positioning systems, Big Data, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, drones), robotics, etc.

Smart Farming has a real potential to deliver a more productive and sustainable agricultural production, based on a more precise and resource-efficient approach

Photo Gallery

Soil Moisture Probe

One of the products that we have developed in Poltech is a Soil Moisture Probe. It generates real-time data collection and analysis of all soil types, anywhere in the field. The probe uses one type of sensor but it has many of the same sensors to detect soil moisture and to give you very accurate soil moisture data. The probe will send the data right to your phone which will be managed by a phone application giving you instant measurements.

The probe simply consists of a stake, the head and a solar panel.The length of the probe is usually 1.5M but can be customized to the desired length if requested

Multi-sensor Data Logger with IoT for Smart Control System

Plantation agriculture is more than 400 years old and contributes to the regional and national economies in many tropical countries including Malaysia. Even though, there are some of the main environmental issues related to plantation agriculture with perennial crops, including soil erosion, soil fertility decline, pollution, carbon sequestration and biodiversity. Soil erosion and soil fertility decline are of concern in some areas, but in most plantations, these are being checked by cover crops and inorganic fertilizer applications. Thus, we came up with a solution by creating a Multi-Sensor Data Logger transmitter platform (hardware) with IoT for Control System. This multi-sensor are humidity, moisture, pressure, temperature and others more. The sensors will record the data they detect each time and predict the results of the crops according to the input.



Technical Detail

  • 8-channel Input
  • Able to support all sensors (output range between 0V – 3.3V)
  • Log data into memory
  • Push data to OIP IoT platform for remote access
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Self-powered with 3.6V li-ion battery


  • Simple to use, yet durable enough to meet the demands of your farm
  • Easy to install with our soil augers. One button pushes to set up and run.
  • Advanced wireless technology connects even the most remote farm possible.
  • No more snapshots and lag time between soil samples.
  • Measure NPK in real time.
  • Easy to purchase and set up.
  • Can view the results in smartphone or desktop anytime

Basic Concept


Workflow of System

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